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Explore remedies to regain our freedoms

We have been slowly losing our ability to operate freely, as governments have tightened the screws justified by wars on terror, drugs, cyber crime and handing over powers in treaties.

Understanding that this crisis is a deliberate plan and how it was incrementally implemented is the best way to address the trespass and harm inflicted on us.

Empower yourself with facts and evidence, your power of saying NO to this crime can help be the force of change, many others think like you, so you are not alone. Factual video here++

I advocate a peaceful remedy foremost, we give those who are inflicting harm upon us to find a peaceful remedy, however if this fails the people may react like a lion trapped in a corner.


There is a quote: 'You must understand that there is more than one path to the top of the mountain' — Miyamoto Musashi, there also appear to be many routes to finding a remedy to this invasion on our freedoms and rights.

Legal: the legal route operates in a jurisdiction called 'water' it is sometimes referred to as: 'maritime law'.

Lawful: the lawful route operates in a jurisdiction called 'land' it is sometimes referred to as: 'common law'.

Everyone just saying NO, and not complying with the goverments 'offer' of a lockdown'.


Remedies to various problems are being tested out now in both jurisdictions, the legal route often requires lawyers which take an oath to an association called the Bar Association, if anyone hires a lawyer to represent them, the person does not have a voice in the court.

The lawful remedy does not require lawyers from the Bar Association, instead one can present oneself as a living man or woman which is very different to the legal remedy where one is not recognised as living. In common law, one can hold people liable for loss, injury or harm without the accused having protections under the legal system.


People are currently issuing:

  • Notice of Liabilities (NoL's)
  • Claims against men and women under common law
  • Claims against the protected person under the legal system

Research: Simon Dolan, Michael Bernician, Robin Tilbrook, Lena Pu, Christopher James & Dr. Reiner Fuellmich





Videos: Crimes against Humanity - Dr. Reiner Fuellmich - Covid19


Update 1 Dr. Reiner Fuellmich





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