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Health/Immunity Passports

With health passports been introduced 'behind the scenes', what will our world look like when we have to prove the efficacy of our own immune systems, especially given the PCR tests were not designed to test for infection and cannot detect COVID or any other infection within the body?

The false positive rates are high, there are many people taking the tests on pavements, surfaces, fruit, oil, plants, a goat, only to get a positive test result back. One lady took 10 tests one after the other, she received 5 positive and 5 negative test results, are these tests fit for purpose?

Will we be allowed to enter cinemas, go shopping in a store or be allowed to travel without a label telling us we are COVID safe? What happens when they expand the system like in China, will your social score allow you to purchase a car, rent a property or travel outside of your city or town?

Will we have to prove our immune status (what does that really mean considering T-cell and antibodies change and are difficult to measure in quick tests).

Will face recognition which is already being trialled in many countries be used to track our every behaviour, and used to score us on a social crediting system?

These are all questions we need to be asking, and citizen investigation is more important than ever in this post-truth world, where facts have to be fact checked to fit our controllers narrative.


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