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Infection & Immunity

Our bodies are amazing, to help promote a healthy working immune system. eating a balanced, nutrient rich diet, drinking plenty of clean water, and moving your body regularly will help optimise your health.

Unfortunately our world exposes our bodies to environmental toxins in foods, the air we breathe, in manufactured products and in the workplace, pharmaceuticals, and  even through electro magnetic fields.


Are PCR tests accurate?

It all depends on how they are used, and what one is looking for, the PCR test for the resence of viral RNA and if used appropriately, semi quantification of viral RNA in the sample.
Recent research shows that to maximize accuracy, PCR tests for COVID-19 should use far fewer cycles. At 17 cycles, 100% of the positive results were confirmed to be real positives. Above 17 cycles, accuracy drops dramatically. By the time you get to 33 cycles, the accuracy rate is a mere 20%, meaning 80% are false positives.   Source



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(interesting suggestion on cases and false positives)


Germ theory vs terrain theory

The 'germ theory' vs 'terrain theory' is basically the argument that germs are what we need to worry about and we need to keep finding ways to kill them off. Terrain theory argues that if the body is well and balanced then germs that are a natural part of life and the environment will be dealt with by the body without causing sickness.

“Germs seek their natural habitat – diseased tissue – rather than being the cause of diseased tissue.” - Antoine Béchamp


Both of these theories are incredibly important in helping us understand how to maintain a healthy body and understanding how illness occurs.

Having medicines to fight against invading microbes has been incredibly important in our modern world.

“It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.” - Hippocrates


When looking at terrain theory, it is important to realise that a clean environmental can make it very it very inhospitable for invading microbes, parasites etc. It is also acknowledged that exposure to our current environment helps our bodies balance its chemistry to become more resistant to the common cold etc. Helping the body with nutrition and a clean living space can support the body in its efforts to maintain balance and health.


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